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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install your own kitchens or use contractors?

Yes, we install our own work and if any adjustments are required we will make it happen promptly. We provide custom made kitchen design around Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast. Most kitchen companies will drop off the cabinets to your property, but if any mistakes are made with sizes the external installer may not be able to modify it and it will need to be dropped back off for modification. The wastes the installers time, your money and you will be left with unfinished work.

Do you have the appropriate licence?

There are many tradesmen operating without licences and this allows them to not have public liability and property damage insurance for your safe guard. We hold a full QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licence number 1016695 which can be verified on their website.

Do you coordinate the other trades and are you qualified to coordinate the other trades?

This is important as Ace Kitchens has extensive knowledge of all trades and always considers the requirements of others when installing kitchens allowing for all wiring and plumbing to be installed in a concealed manner. At Ace Kitchen we believe project management is the most important element needed when it comes to your renovations done promptly.

Does the person designing the kitchen have practical experience in the factory from a manufacturing perspective as well?

Yes, our head designer has had 26 years of experience in the business. But it all started out from the experience of manufacturing. It’s important to understand that your kitchen may look good, but if it does not function properly, then it is not much good to you and this is something you may have to live with for a long time, if you don’t get right. That’s why it’s important to get the appropriate people in with years of experience and the practical knowledge to get things done right the first time around taking in to account aesthetics as well as functionality.

Does the consultant try to talk you into specific cabinet sizes, shying away from the specific requests you need?

Ace Kitchens has the best 3D design software in the country which is accurate up to .02 of a mm. This allows us to make any cabinet any height width or depth allowing a custom fit to your wall space. With no set sizes, you can clearly see exactly what your specific design requests look like and can see inside the cabinets showing the draws and the amount of usable space and functional.

How does the process generally work? (We’ll use the example of a typical custom made kitchen)

Step 1) The appointment is made and we attend your property. Communication is exchanged between the client and Ace Kitchens as to the client’s custom kitchen needs and what is possible, design-wise, in the area. We use the best custom kitchen design software in the country. Everything from doors, benchtops, splashback finishes and appliances are discussed at this first appointment as to what standard is required. We can also discuss what other jobs may require as few other designers have our range of services on offer.

Step 2) We return to our office and draw your room and custom kitchen layout up to scale to make sure there is room to move about and to fit all items that were requested. Then we can quote your project. A detailed initial quote document is created showing every detail, with scaled drawings/design and appliance information.

Step 3) We’ll then discuss this with you and if you’re happy with the quote and design provided, we’ll send through contracts before work commences.

Step 4) Then A colour 3D design is created and are sent to the client to check over. At this point, you can also request changes.

Step 5) Once the client as satisfied with the 3D design of their custom-made kitchen, they are invited to our facility to view all the various products, including benchtop materials, handles, door materials, sinks and taps. If you already know what you wish to use, then we can consult and accommodate.

Step 6) Materials are ordered in and your kitchen is manufactured at our factory. Once it is completed you can come and inspect it fully set up as if it were in your house completed.

We do this process so the client can see what they are getting prior to be expected to release payment for their kitchen. Most companies use contract installers and will only send your kitchen to your property after receiving payment and prior to release from their factory. Because you haven’t seen what you have paid for, you will most likely just get an items list.

We’ve been in the business for a long time and that’s why we are the most prompt and professional modern kitchen designers and renovators in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.

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