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Having a super-stylish contemporary kitchen is nothing less than bliss. Your friends love it. Your family loves it. Your kids love it. Your mind loves it. And every single cell in your body loves it. But is it that easy to have one?

Well, the cost of design in 2020 is high. Families spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating their kitchen to make it look more and more aesthetic.

But yours can be. We, at Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters in Brisbane, offer an unmatched kitchen experience that lasts with your kitchen for years to come, at prices that won’t drain you dry. Whether it’s a two-bedroom apartment or a lavish villa, our experienced renovators can create contemporary kitchens that blend well with the interiors of your property and are suited to your tastes and needs. Our aim is to give you kitchens that are modern, sleek and highly functional.

It’s our mission to make your experience in the kitchen more smooth and efficient. Through our bespoke designs, made specifically for you, keeping your needs in mind, we are able to assure you with a pleasant experience. Contemporary kitchens are about smart solutions to your storage problems and use of high-end products that make time in the kitchen hassle-free. From slide out pantry to custom cabinets, we provide modern storage solutions  for all types of kitchens in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Our services are carried out by our professional, experienced staff that assures ‘zero’ inconvenience. So, you’ll have nothing to worry about.







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Modern Design Kitchens

It may be your dream to have a modern styled kitchen where you can cook all your favorite delicacies and celebrate every cooking session to the fullest. But do you know how to build or design one?

Well, that’s what Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters in Brisbane are here for. Whether it’s your own unique kitchen design or one that you want us to create for your kitchen, we can bring it to life, just as it’s in your head.
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Years of Experience

With years of experience working and renovating hundreds of kitchens across Brisbane & Gold Coast, our designers know what’s best for your kitchen’s aesthetics and ease of access.

So, wait no more. Give us a call today and we’ll fix you a sweet deal that’ll satisfy your head and heart, without taking a toll on your pocket.



Bespoke Contemporary Kitchen Designs

A little change is always good! There are times when we want to give our surroundings a makeover so as to change the mood, look and feel of our property. Sometimes we are sure of the design that we want in our contemporary kitchen, but sometimes we are just not sure about what we want. This is where we step in!
  • Work With The Best
  • High Quality Results
We, at Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters, are Brisbane's leading provider of contemporary kitchens. From conceptualisation to designing and beyond, we are there to assist you throughout the process. From cabinets, drawers, kitchen island to splashbacks, we pay attention to every little detail of your kitchen. We turn your ordinary kitchen to a contemporary kitchen with our bespoke contemporary kitchen designs. A kitchen that is highly functional and extremely sophisticated.
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We use the best quality parts and fittings in the kitchen so that the kitchen stays intact for many years to come. After all, not everyday are you going to build a kitchen. Backed by a team of creative and experienced professionals, we are confident of taking any kind of project. No matter the size or scale of the project, we complete it with utmost perfection. That’s why we are the best choice for contemporary kitchens.
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Kitchen Designers

And Builders

At Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters, we design quality bespoke kitchens according to your needs and requirements. Our creative designers and skilled craftsmen will work with you to turn your dreams into reality. We will meet and often exceed your expectations.
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  • No project too big or small
    No project is too big or too small for us. Our team follows that philosophy for all the projects we undertake — be it kitchen or home renovations. Our dedication and devotion to deliver quality results have helped us reach the status we enjoy in the industry today.
  • We respect your taste and requirements
    Our belief in commitment, creativity and craftsmanship ensure that the needs of our customers are always met. We value the individual tastes and requirements of our customers, and we are dedicated to creating exceptional kitchens that are built to last. 4 decades of industry experience has made us leading kitchen designers and builders in Brisbane & Gold Coast.
  • We have exceptional customer service
    We take pride in our exceptional customer service and look forward to working with our customers throughout the process — be it kitchen design, manufacture, and installation. We tailor our kitchens to your needs, and source all of our products to fit your bill.
  • We get great results
    When you work with us, you will be nothing but pleased with the results. We are here to help you with your kitchen needs. Contact us to discuss your project today. Our experts of contemporary kitchens are just a call away.


Contemporary Kitchen Specialists

Yes, contemporary kitchens are in fashion and surely worth the following. But are you opting in for having one? Are you still exploring? Well, we have some good news for you. Let’s start with having a look at the contemporary kitchen styles that you can choose from:

Modern Provincial Kitchens
Hamptons Kitchens
French Provincial Kitchens
Country Kitchens
Farmers Kitchens

Found something for your needs? Even if you can’t, don’t worry. We know you know about the great appeal that contemporary kitchen styles offer, and so we can discuss that later as well.

For now, have a look at the designs and get in touch with one of the most trusted and aesthetic design services for contemporary kitchens.

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