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Bedroom Renovations in Brisbane & Gold Coast

A bedroom is one place where you relax after a busy day at work, a place you unwind and unwirl. Your bedroom has to be aesthetically pleasing and should provide you with a relaxing environment. We are with you in this!

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Professional Renovations

The environment of your bedroom can have a tremendous effect on your mood. Also, an outdated bedroom style or clustered setting can become a cause of frustration for you.

But, this can be solved with a little change in your bedroom design. So, why not undertake renovations of your bedroom? And, who else to trust than us for bedroom renovations.
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Your Dream Bedroom

We, at Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters, are a leading provider of professional bedroom renovations services. From conceptualisation to designing and beyond, we are there to assist you throughout the renovation process.

From windows, wardrobes to walls, we pay attention to every little detail of the bedroom. We help you achieve that look and feel in your bedroom that you have always dreamt of!

The Best Wardrobe Renovations

Sometimes your wardrobes may seem too outdated and inefficient of being able to accommodate all of your stuff. There comes a time when you want to get rid of them and undergo a major wardrobe renovation. We will help you with that!
  • Modern Wardrobes
  • High Quality Designs
  • Comfort & Luxury
Modern wardrobes are designed to provide solutions to all your storage problems. And, we carefully design them to cater to your needs and tastes. Our in-house manufacturing ensures that you get the top quality at very reasonable prices.
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If you are looking for new wardrobes or a bedroom renovation, then we can also provide you with one that you will be proud to sleep in. Whether you have space to fit in a wardrobe, walk in robe or built in robe we will ensure our high quality custom design bedrooms are pleasing on the eye and comfortable to relax in.
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We, at Ace Kitchens & Shopfitters, believe that everyone should have access to the comfort and luxury of feeling at home, and a bedroom can provide you with that. This is why we provide the highest quality bedroom renovations in Gold Coast & Brisbane. Our mission is to provide you with bedrooms that are modern, stylish and highly functional, and, at the same time, make your experience enjoyable.
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